Geannuleerd! Saving lives: organ donation in Europe

Regulation, collaboration and ethical challenges 

Organ transplantation certainly is a big hit within modern medicine. One organ donor can save up to 8 lives and improve the life of many more thanks to tissue donation. On average every year, 41 000 patients receive a transplant. 

But, there are not enough organs available to meet the demand for organ transplantation. This results in thousands of patiĆ«nts on waiting lists. On average, 18 patients die every day while waiting for an organ transplant in Europe.

Different European countries collaborate in order to improve the chances of survival for as many patients as possible. At the same time countries retain their own laws. 

How does legislation on organ donation differ within Europe? What does international collaboration look like? What are the ethical challenges to care about today? Join us in this interesting conversation.


Luc Colenbie is transplantatiecoƶrdinator in het UZ Gent.


Voertaal is Engels


Online, via Zoom


Donderdag 28 oktober
20:00 tot 22:00



European Humanist Youth i.s.m., Young Humanist International, De Maakbare Mens

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